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The www.downstreamsuppliers.com is created by and for offshore managers and platform owners working in the oil and gas industry
The goal of this website is to provide oil and gas platform in a quick and concise way with the latest news from the upstream suppliers for the and oil and gas industry. In addition, no distinction is made between national and international news, so both the activities on the continental shelf and the international operations are closely monitored and displayed. downstreamsuppliers.com is in consultation made with many offshore oil and gas platform owners and managers which are active in the offshore industry, and aims to provide both companies which are active in the offshore havens as well as suppliers from the offshore sector, this in order to get a good overview of the companies and suppliers who are actively involved in the offshore sector and offshore havens in this industry. downstreamsuppliers.com is greatly appreciated by the purchasing/offshore manager,this sees at a glance back his or her trusted supplier in the vendor register. downstreamsuppliers.com the most trusted source of information for the rig owners in the offshore industry.

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  • Nieuwe Blue e chiller van 11 tot 25 kW

    Nieuwe Blue e chiller van 11 tot 25 kW Clever chillen met minder koudemiddel Met zijn nieuwe Blue e chillers in de vermogensklasse van 11 tot 25 kW heeft Rittal zijn koeltechniek voor koelers voor de machine- en schakelkastkoeling duidelijk verder ontwikkeld.

  • European heliports alliance for the North Sea offshore energy market

    European heliports alliance for the North Sea offshore energy market European heliports unite for the 6th time to ensure efficient and safe helicopter operations for the offshore energy market.

  • Rittal Innovation Center

    Rittal Innovation Center 10.000 bezoekers: Rittal Innovation Center is publieksmagneet In juli was het zover: na amper drie jaar verwelkomde het Rittal Innovation Center in Haiger, Hessen, zijn 10.000e bezoeker.


  • OPEC+ Meetings Now on Critical Path

    The upcoming OPEC+ meetings on March 5 and 6 are now on the critical path, according to Jefferies.

  • Oil Extends Slump on Mounting Pandemic Fears

    Oil extended losses after closing at a 13-month low as more new coronavirus cases were reported outside China than within.

  • Oil Extends Drop After Plunging on US Virus Warning

    Oil extended losses below $50 a barrel after plummeting more than six percent over the previous two sessions on fears the fast-spreading coronavirus will take a major toll on global economic growth.

  • Portiekflat - veilig vluchten in hoge gebouwen

    Onlangs ben ik betrokken geraakt bij een situatie van een portiekflat, gerealiseerd medio jaren ’50, bestaande uit 8 bouwlagen met op de begane grond de bergingen voorzien. Deze flat kenmerkt zich, zoals de naam al zegt, door het gegeven dat alle woningen aansluiten op het portiek. Dit portiek is tevens bedoeld om alle woningen te bereiken en is dus ook uitgevoerd als trappenhuis. Alle woningdeuren grenzen dus aan dit portiek / trappenhuis. Dit trappenhuis is van cruciaal belang om het object te ontvluchten.

  • Oil Edges Up with Virus Fallout Still Unknown

    Oil recovered some of its losses following the biggest drop in almost seven weeks as investors attempted to gauge the economic impact of the fast-spreading coronavirus and the potential response from producers.